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COGNOSCENTI \ kän-yə-shen-ti \ : persons with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly refined taste.​​​​​​​
Our collection celebrates the cognoscenti. They are connoisseurs, talented and passionate about what they do. They are the young and the young at heart, those who are interesting and interested, cultured and culturally curious.

For those who know there must be another option in fragrance, COGNOSCENTI  presents a unique viewpoint in the scented landscape. Not sweet or overly floral, our scents are suitable for both men and women. Woody, herbal, aromatic and elegant, our collection draws from the classic perfumery of the past and pushes it to the future.

COGNOSCENTI  fragrances are hand made in small batches using fine ingredients from local sources and exotic lands. We use a high percentage of naturals, blended with care, to produce uni- sex fragrances that can be worn by everyone and appreciated by the cognoscenti.

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