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No. 8 Aldehydic Oakmoss
  • No. 8 Aldehydic Oakmoss

    SAY FAREWELL - Retiring September 2022


    ALDEHYDIC OAKMOSS sparks out of the bottle with feisty Aldehydes, Pink Pepper, and the illicit Betel Leaf. This is a scent that doesn’t stand still. It moves back and forth from effervescent top notes to sultry base notes like a piece of sexy improvisational music. The heart has a boozy quality, reminiscent of your favorite whiskey with notes of vanilla (Tonka Bean) and smoky Vetiver. However, the star of this blend is the Oakmoss = dark, earthy, slightly wet and forever locked in a dance with the Aldehydes. It is a warm scent that is just a bit naughty. Worn by daredevils and femme fatales it is also appropriate for anyone interested in creating sparks of their own. (Eau de Parfum strength)

    Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Amber Accord,
    Leather Accord, Cocoa, Tonka Bean, Vetiver,
    Betel Leaf, Aldehydes and Oakmoss

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