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Wild Child- 22ml EDP
  • Wild Child- 22ml EDP



    Artisan Category

    Very excited that this fragrance has been recognized by the international panel of judges for this years awards. It is a unique fragrance and samples are available for sale for this fragrance only. Whoohoo!

    This is a portrait of a nocturnal wild child. Her scent is informal, dark, uplifting and not too flowery. The internal illumination recalls black licorice: deep, earthy and sweet with a surprising sharpness. She is all of these things,... and green. Tarragon becomes the central note due to its sweet, anisic and green profile. Her portrait is kissed by pink even though many of the botanicals are weeds and seed pods. A synthetic “pink” floral note, Florosa, adds a blush dusting to the fragrance. All of the colors and moods are translated to aromatic notes to accent the Tarragon:   Vetiver, Cedarwood (browns), Lavender (purple) and Labdanum (gold).  Rose  and Patchouli are added to increase the depth of this Dark Lovely. Uplifting, deep, precocious and modern; she will surprise you. 


    NOTES: Tarragon, French Lavender, Ethyl Linyl Acetate, Florosa®, Iso E Super®, Amber,  Anatolian Rose, Rose Accord (Givco), Labdanum, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Treemoss, Aged Patchouli and Patchouli Acetate.

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