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WARRIOR QUEEN - a modern portrait in oils

The first COGNOSCENTI release based on one of my paintings- part of the Dark Lovelies Series.

Regal and Seductive

The sumptuous dark purple flower headdress, delicate pink centers and the folded petals is sexy and seductive. Her left eye is the passion flower rendered in hot green and purple. She is regal but open and accessible. Feminine with the dark strength of a warrior queen.

For the regal qualities a hint of Orris Root (Iris-In ancient times the iris was a symbol of power and majesty used as the original scepter). For the easy seductive quality, Sandalwood and Amber. The painting’s radiance dictated the bright and floral top note of Italian Bergamot. However, it still needed a bridge to the other sultry notes, one that could define the heart and the overall scent sketch. Coriander- supporting the citrus notes, enhancing spicy blends, and adding an interesting earthy tone to the other oils. To enhance the earthy side of it the classic combo of Oakmoss and Patchouli. The warrior qualities are embodied in the precision of aroma molecules cutting through the lush density, folded petals and wooden scrolls. Ancient, Strong, Modern and Fresh.

Notes: Italian Bergamot, French Lavender, Coriander Seed, Amber, Sandalwood, Orris Root (Iris), Oakmoss. Cocoa and Patchouli.

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