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Colognoisseur Review - Cognoscenti Warrior Queen- Maximal Layers

Thank you to Mark Behnke for reviewing the first of the Dark Lovelies: Warrior Queen which he calls RETRO NOUVEAU. His comment about this being a different type of release for COGNOSCENTI couldn't be truer. The process was more complex, the ingredients are more complex and hopefully the resulting fragrance is interesting and approachable. The full article is in the link at bottom.

"Like many independent perfumers she was interested in fusing the visual with the olfactory. For her new collection, Dark Lovelies, she used botanical oil portraits she painted as the brief for a perfume. The first is Warrior Queen.

When I looked at the picture I immediately perceived layers as the different strata of flora go from light to dark from top to bottom; except for that dark crown on top. There is always a reminder of the darkness of a warrior who becomes a queen. The picture doesn’t exactly portray what I smelled while wearing Warrior Queen. What I did experience was a very different style of layered maximal perfume making from Ms. Sergent.

It opens with an old-fashioned duet of bergamot and lavender. It is easy to feel like we’re on the way to fougere territory. We’re not. Coriander connects to a rich powdery and rooty orris in the heart. Ms. Sergent finds a nice balance between both sides of orris’ scent profile. The powder dusts the lavender while the coriander picks up the carrot-like root aspect. Through this part of the development Warrior Queen feels like a vintage perfume..."

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