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WILD CHILD - where painting and perfume converge

Special thank you to Ida Meister for her review of Wild Child. Her portrait of Wild Child is both haunting and tender. My favorite part:

"Dannielle Sergent’s COGNOSCENTI Wild Child is a nocturnal being enrobed in Nature’s knowingness; a barefoot dusktreader leaving a trail of subterranean naiveté in her wake. Her law is her own, inclusive of herbal lore mirroring Nicholas Culpeper’s (and his was published in 1653!). Farouche, the French might say: shy, fierce or both. Wild Child is ineffably tender, discreet – a beneficent specter. It is not in her disposition to impose upon anyone; she quietly insinuates herself into your good graces…"

For full review pls head over to Cafleurebon by clicking link below

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