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Cognoscenti No. 44 Fire and Rain Review (Dannielle Sergent) 2022 + 10th Anniversary - Cafleurbon

"Flames lick at the corners of burnt love letters and send a sudden smokey flare into the air that signals loss. But fire is the same force that warms memories of summer campfires, of winter marshmallow toasts, holiday bonfires, and the smell of fireworks. Rain, whose torrents can level cities, is, in its gentler visitations, the sugar-sweet smell of damp grass, of wet cement city streets, the heartbreakingly lovely scent of bedewed spring flowers. California-based artist and artisan perfumer Dannielle Sergent, launches Cognoscenti No. 44 Fire and Rain as “a study in contrasts” that explores the evocative aspects of each element, both regenerative and destructive, ultimately focusing on its essential beauty...." Lauryn Beer for Cafleurbon. read more at link below

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